Stacy Linn Brown



Fauxlenite is the trademarked name chosen by Stacy Linn Brown to label his artwork consisting of replicated crystal structures, carved of different stone types, to form the look of a real occurrence in nature.

Antler and Crystal Wand

Nature Art

Stacy Linn Brown is not bound by any category or label. From jewelry to shaman's tools, he is guided to create unique works of art that carry the earth's energy. The natural materials (plant, animal, and mineral) used by the artist are personally found and collected by him.

Mosaic Closeup

Custom and Integrated Design

From mosaics, to custom in-place design work, to mineral reconstruction, contact Stacy concerning the details of your project and request a quote.

Stacy Linn Brown

About Stacy Linn Brown

Stacy Linn Brown’s career has led him down many paths; as varied as pilot, school teacher, contractor, prospector, and artist.

Stacy teamed up with Colorado Bob Ross in 2014, and together they prospect the Four Corners, offer mineral and fossil tours, and mine for gold.

Stacy has been an artist all his life. The concept of Fauxlenite emerged from his natural experiments joining rock and crystal structures. He continues to refine his art to new levels of creativity, energy, and beauty.