What is Fauxlenite?

Fauxlenite® is the trademarked name chosen by Stacy Brown to label his artwork consisting of replicated crystal structures, carved of different stone types, to form the look of a real occurrence in nature.

The first of the word FAUXLENITE, is “Faux” – as in fake, not real. The ending of “ite” gives the idea of an oxygenated crystal structure.

“The fake elemental symbol elemental symbol BS was created to enhance the overall visual package of fake crystals with a fake scientific chemical composition. elemental symbol BS stands for bullshit and/or S.B., my initials backwards.”


  • elemental symbol BSSiO2 – is carved from silicated stones (Fire Fauxlenite, Clear, White, etc.)
  • elemental symbol BSKAISiO2 – is carved from granites/feldspars (Mahogany Fauxlenite, Watermelon)
  • elemental symbol BSPbZnCuFeS(Cd)AgAuSiO2 – is carved from “Pride of the West” ‘Zebra Ore’ (Zebra Fauxlenite).

So, the word FAUXLENITE was created to ONLY represent my Artwork – what I personally created, carved, pieced together and signed.

Stacy Linn Brown, 17-Dec-2014